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STUDENT ADMISSION:   E  L  HIGH SCHOOL HOME STUDY ACADEMY (ELHSHSA) accepts students who are 16 years old or older and have left school before graduating.  We welcome students who now feel motivated to earn a high school diploma through home study.  Students wishing to enroll at ELHSHSA should submit the ELHSHSA application, an official transcript, a copy of their birth certificate and Social Security card and $130  ($50 non-refundable application fee and $80 for book rental and tuition).  This fee is due upon admission if a student wishes to register for the first class.  No fees will be refunded after the staff completes course registration and orientation with students.
PROGRAMS OF STUDY:  ELHSHSA has two programs of study leading to the high school diploma. 

  1. The 9-12 Cluster is for students needing 3 or more courses to finish high school. Students pay $130 which covers all costs for application, the first month’s tuition, and book rental for the first course.  Students are expected to participate in our January, June, or August graduation ceremony or may choose to receive the diploma and engraved cover from the school office when requirements are met.
  2.  The 8-week mini-mester is for students needing only 2 courses to finish or who need to replace the graduation test requirement with refresher courses.  The 8-week mini-mester fee is $250 payable at registration.  Students may participate in the next scheduled graduation in January, June, or August or may opt to receive their diploma and engraved cover from the office when all requirements are completed.

REGISTRATION FOR CLASS:   After acceptance to ELHSHSA, a student may register for the first course.  The guidance counselor will evaluate the student’s official transcript(s) from all schools attended and accept/transfer grades from accredited schools for courses passed.  A course registration form and a $30 book rental fee are required.  Tuition is $50 per month.  Please note our refund policy.

TIME SHEETS AND COMMUNITY SERVICE FORMS:  Students are required to document 120 hours of work in a course to receive credit. Students use ELHSHSA time sheets to record hours spent completing course assignments, volunteer and community service, computer application, current events/newspaper, and seminar.  All these activities may be included in the 120 required hours.  Documentation is maintained by the school director in students’ individual files.

STUDENT STUDY TIMES, NEWSPAPER, COMPUTER, VOTER REGISTRATION, ETC.: All students are required to work on assignments five days a week for at least two hours per day and are encouraged to become a registered voter.  All students should obtain a library card and set up an individual account with GaCollege411 immediately following enrollment at ELHSHSA.  Students are required to review newspaper/current events each day for two hours and utilize the computer at least two hours per day.  These times should be listed on student time sheets.  Students should also submit news articles related to their course of study for extra credit to help satisfy the 120 hour requirement for each course.  Students are required to have a library card and use it regularly for research and/or computer access.

BOOKS AND MATERIALS:  Students enrolled at ELHSHSA receive a study guide for use in completing course work.  Textbooks and other reference materials are available from the school and should be returned promptly, and in good condition, after the student takes the end-of-course test or final exam. No grades will be issued until all fees are paid in full and all school materials are returned and checked.

E-MAIL AND FACEBOOK: Each student is encouraged to utilize technology and responsible social networking.  ELHSHSA sends regular notices and newsletters by e-mail or Facebook.  Students must have a professional e-mail address and should visit the school Facebook page daily for events and pictures.  These are requirements for all students.
WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS AND SEMINARS:  Students should turn in an assignment packet each week on an assigned day.  Time sheets, community service forms, current events clippings, pictures, and journals should be placed in the assignment packet with other work.

PAYMENT OF FEES: Students are expected to act responsibly by paying fees on time.  This is a sign of good citizenship and honesty.  Fees are very modest--$50 application fee, $30 book rental fee per course, $50 per month tuition.   TUITION INCREASE TO $50 PER MONTH EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2013.  Fees are non-refundable. Students should pay tuition in a timely manner in order to continue with their studies.  Students become inactive if fees are 30 days late or if assignments have not been turned in for four consecutive weeks.  When a student becomes inactive, they must reapply and pay additional fees to be reinstated. Students may become inactive and reinstate ONE TIME ONLY.

ASSISTANCE WITH ASSIGNMENTS, TUTORS: If a student experiences difficulty with assignments, he should follow these steps to get help:

  1. Ask your mentor/parent for assistance.
  2. Utilize the internet tutorial sites provided  (Khan Academy.org, Google)
  3. Request a textbook from the school for additional help or practice
  4. Call the school counselor for assistance
  5. Request a tutor through the school or you may hire your own

*Students are encouraged to register to vote.
*Students are required to obtain a library card.
*Students are required to complete 50 hours of community service.
*Students are required to act and dress appropriately, especially when representing the school.
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